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The definitive sales tool.

Here on Costa del Sol, this medium is used too seldom as it takes organization, time, method,knowledge and energy. The importance of an organised approach cannot be stressed enough. However, every action that increases your Listings and your Sales are paramount for your existence and growth.

Naturally your Listing and Sales Teams do not spend all their time as Open House Event organizers.

It’s preferable that they arrive at the Open House Event as artists come to a stage; for the performance!

The “stage team” having done the prep’s and support with all needed attention to achieve maximum success.

Property Sales Tools specialized staff have years of Open House Events behind them and are very knowledgeable and professional in all they do.

Manuel Garcia, the boss for PST’s Open House Event department, is a mature and seriousex banker, very accustomed to property sales and valuations.

You can count our best work, from planning, inviting agencies; preparation of the property, catering, handling dedicated paperwork and follow up. You will have the deal results you need to be successful!

The visiting agencies are fully motivated to come as they know that the property has perfect sales material:

  • Professional photos, – an equally professional video, Floor Plans in 2D and 3D, including measures, surfaces, orientation and in grayscale or full colour.
  • This includes the obligatory Energy Performance Certificate.

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Also the “Welcome Bags” to take away are great gifts everyone will enjoy.

This completes a full array of tools which give you an advantage with all affiliate agencies for success.

Next – The magnificent results an Open House Event achieves from the Questionnaires.

Each visitor fills a complete document to evaluate the property, opinions about location, area and price. Mostly it results in a price variation in price from the owner/seller and perhaps the team.

You make a resume of them all. Next step is to send copies of this resume and the evaluation document to the Owner/Seller.

As you, at that stage, have done “everything possible” to sell the property, the owner listens to you, with respect for your work. This is because you have shown that you are an active and professional advisor, a responsible agency which has invested in selling their property. He listens to you and most often understands if a price adjustment is the right thing.

You make a difference showing that you are NOT a dreamer, but an active selling agent with control and market knowledge. That you are well connected in the property business. That you count on a sales team that is not only based in your agency but in many other agencies, united to reach sales results; committed.

That ALL these agents have seen the property and know what they are about to sell. They all have made a stand, taken a part in the global responsibility to really SELL.

You and your agency are THE dedicated coordinator of the marketing and sales activities: Professionals!