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Arturo Parra

Photographer & Audio Visual Technical

Arturo was a cameraman from an early age. He is a very passionate, dedicated, determined and persistent professional. In 2010 he graduated in creative, architectural photography and videography. Now he has made himself a name, an example to follow,
a sought after leading architectural and interior photographer.

Methodical and focused, he produces images giving this needed “wow”- factor;
selling images. His eye-catching angles emphasize the design ‘concept’ of each property.

Arturo says: “my images are selling properties to be turned into a Buyers new HOME … not memories of somebody else’s life style”.

He works with ‘Full Frame’ latest generation cameras and professional state-of-the-art equipment; everything needed to sell properties.

Arturo and his team also master programs like Adobe Premiere, Lightroom, Photoshop and Adobe Audition, among others, ensuring a perfect final product, styled and produced to best effect.

Mateo Palmquist

Senior Advisor and Coach

With over 40 years in the property industry, as a constructor, investor, promoter and realtor his vast accumulated experience and knowledge, guarantees the best results for all Real Estate Agencies.

As owner of sales organizations and real estate agencies, and selling his own constructions, he discovered a need for perfect sales tools; he is the father and generator of Property Sales Tools.

The services PST offer are those he needed so badly himself to reach the desired results when selling his own and others properties.

Through coaching, lectures and many international I+D+i, the world is becoming aware of this new Service company team focused on increasing property sales success.

Property Sales Tools, now a Full Service Company, offers everything that a Real Estate Agency needs to be efficient, professional and successful. Along with the rest of the Property Sales Tools Team, Mateo works hard to ensure top results and total satisfaction for all our customers.

Sandra Muñoz

Graphic Designer

Our most talented Graphic Designer integrating Architectural Photography and Videography, for three dimensional results.

She is skilled at Marketing angles and a perfectionist, with great attention to detail.

Sandra has expert level in Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver.  Integrated with fluency in video editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Premiere and After Effects.  She works closely with the photographers and technicians completing  the PST Team in the daily achievements, passion and mission; to give the best possible results for your agency and your clients.

Álvaro Ortiz

Building Engineer

Experienced in service sectors, construction and property sales; Álvaro knows that professional presentation and accurate information are pre-requisites for professional listings and property sales results.

A professional, hardworking, skilled and conscious team player dedicated your agency’s best possible new listings and swift sales.

Álvaro is specialized in producing all kinds of floor plans and Energy Performance Certificates. Additionally, he is master of tools AutoCAD, REVIT, Sketch Up, CE3X and CE3

Andrea Medina

Business Management Manager

Course Leader for our Team Development has over 20 years experience in communications, recruitment, team and crew management.

A Londoner, previously based there, now in Marbella.

Andrea’s task is working with teams of varying sizes to improve success rates and development for future growth. Personal Prospecting Plans (PPP’s) as a base, in combination with the agency’s short and long term PP (Prospecting Plan).

She uses her experience in events, sales, marketing, and online presence communications to increase the “out of the box” action in property listings and sales to assist your agency to achieve more.

María Montañez

Human Resource Manager

A Human Resource guru, radiates positivity, strength and motivation to all around her.
With empathy and consideration she transmits her passion to your team and says: “The Success if an agency is simply a reflection of their own attitude, motivation and commitment.”

Maria effectively transmits conviction that communication achieves objectives and challenges are overcome by the motivation of your team to produce outstanding listings and sales success.

Experienced in Sales, Risk assessment and a leader in Team Building.

Maria arranges customised team activities in “the wild” for your agency, concreting team attitude and results. Priceless memories and shared experiences which alongside daily activities will unite your team to that extra level and beyond.

Manolo García

Is our Open House Event Master, has a great experience with almost 30 years in the financial sector. His great empathy and passion give a personal and superlative treatment of people.

One of his great hobbies is Iberian ham (yes!!!) and he is a Professional Ham Cutter!

With his experience, as a chef, professional equipment and a whole leg of ham, Manolo makes your Open House Event stand out from the competition; you´ll have many more visiting agents generating sales.

Manolo will support your team and transmit all property information to the guests, generating a more effecient sales process; your agency earning money.

Nothing is like the personal touch, a different, generous contact creating trust.

Manuel is another professional in the Property Sales Tools team, generatingsales for you and your agency.