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is a document signed by a qualified technician, which contains information about the energy efficiency of a house, building or part of it that allows the issuance of an energy efficiency label.

It is mandatory from 1st June 2013. This certificate will specify using a scale of seven letters from A to G, the level of CO2 emissions, where the letter A corresponds to the most efficient building and the letter G the building less efficient. This energy rating certificate is assigned to each building, depending on the energy quality of their air-conditioning (heating and cooling) and warm water facilities and their structural characteristics (insulation, walls, holes, etc.) which directly affect the building’s energy demand.

It is intended as a valuing instrument fort the purchaser or tenant when valuing and compare the energy efficiency as an added factor for taking decisions to buy or rent.

For more information, please download:

The Royal Decree 235/2013 of the 5th of April, published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) in which it was approved the basic procedure to certify buildings energy efficiency.


Law 8/2013 of 26 June, rehabilitation, regeneration and urban renewal


FAQ about Energy Performance Certificate

Is it obligatory to have an EPC?

It is obligatory for all sellers and lessors who are advertising their property for sale or rent. Themselves or/and via a real estate agency. If you do not hold the EPC then you will be fined.

Which are the fines in relation with the EPC?

According to Law 8/2013 of 26 June, rehabilitation, regeneration and urban renewal:

Additional provision third: Infringements of energy certifications:

  1. Following are defined as very serious infringements:
    d) Advertising on the sale or rental of buildings or parts of buildings, which include an efficiency energy rating that is not supported by a valid certificate duly registered.
  2. The following are serious infringements:
    e) Selling or letting a property without the seller or landlord issuing a valid, registered and current energy efficiency certificate to the buyer or lessee.
  1. The infringements described in additional provision 3b (new) will be penalized as follows:
    a) Minor infringements a fine of 300 – 600 €.
    b) Serious infringements a fine of 601 – 1.000 €.
    c) Very serious infringements (see third up) a fine of 601 – 6.000 €.
What is the duration of an EPC?

The EP Certificate is valid for 10 years. After 10 years, a technician has to renovate the EPC for you.

Will the technician need to visit the property?

Yes. Property Sales Tools have to visit the property to take measurements and collect information about the property before drawing up and certifying the report.

Who will pay for the EPC?

The owner of the property to be sold or rented (rent for more than 4 months-according the law-) pays the costs to arrange a valid and registered EPC. The EPS belongs to the property.

How do I know if the property already has an EPC?

Each regional registry of EPC’s can check if the property has a registered Energy Performance Certificate. We can check it with the “Referencia Catastral”.

If I want to sell my home and it has a poor energy rating, such as F, E or D, am I obliged to make any improvements?

No, you are not obliged to make any improvements even if your property has a low rating. However, your agent or/and you can consult Property Sales Tools technicians what could be done to improve the EPC. An improvement can result in a better sales price.

Will a low rating affect the sale of my home? Can I sell it without any problems?

You are free to sell your home, independent the rating you will get. The only way it will affect a sale is how the rating influences the buyer. Today most buyers are very energy efficiency savvy and the EPC rating is of importance.

What documents are including in an EPC?

The EPC includes among the most important actions to do, the following:
On the part of the technicians:

  • Measurements of surfaces, heights, partitions, walls, windows, corbels, shade patterns and kinds of roof etc…
  • Photo of the front of the building.
  • Checking the housing facilities as; Warm Water Facilities, Heating & Cooling, Renewable Energy – Energy contributions etc
  • Situation Plan of the building.
  • Referencia Catastral
  • Perform a calculation of the information obtained in the building. Introduce the calculations and results in the computer program of the Ministry of Industry. This to comply with the requirements of the Energy Certification.

The complete document of the EPC of the building includes the Energy Label and the document generated by the Junta de Andalucía.

  • Sign an Authorization to Property Sales Tools competent technician to authorize him/her to register the EPC in Junta de Andalucía.
  • A Responsibility Declaration filled in and signed by Property Sales Tool’s technician.
  • Finally, complete the Registration of the EPC in the Junta de Andalucía once finished.
Exceptions when the EPC is not necessary:
  1. Buildings and monuments officially protected as part of a designated environment or because of their special architectural or historic.
  2. Buildings or parts of buildings used exclusively as places of worship and for religious activities.
  3. Temporary buildings with a planned time of use not exceed two years.
  4. Industrial buildings, defense and agricultural buildings or parts thereof, in part for workshops, industrial processes, defense and non-residential agricultural.
  5. Buildings or parts of buildings insulated with a total useful floor area of less than 50 m2.
  6. Building purchased for major renovations or demolition.

Download the INFORMATION that we NEEDED TO DO and REGISTER the ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE in Junta de Andalucía – click here – PDF