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The most important asset to any business is their TEAMBusiness Management

Most of the average Real Estate Agencies have no facility to employ a human resources manager. We all want to be recognized and appreciated in our efforts.

Managing a team or developing a team structure is imperative and will lead to better development strategy and forward planning or project management.

Starting with the organogram of any company or group, the flow of tasks and energy must be discovered, analysed and studied to give everyone involved the correct weight and horizons to steer the vessel of projected success to its destination.Within each core activity of the business, the leaders, organisaton and synthesis must be channelled correctly to keep energy flowing positively toward targets and into future fields.

Through a series of activities, each individual’s skills will be balanced for the correct team value and forward planning, themed for your business this leads to better awareness of present strength and future potential, leading to a force for change and achievement.

Our Course Leader for BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and TEAM DEVELOPMENT has over 20 years’ experience in recruitment, team and crew management in London and Marbella, working with teams of varying sizes in fields such as Events, Faculty, Sub Government and Hospitality.

Each member of your team will be approached and as a group connect with all parties, open discussion, empower and deliver resolution for better working strength and worth, clarity for your vision of greater goals.


The motivation, comradeship, self-improvement, commitment, trust, union, empathy, strategy, etc., are all aspects that can be developed with our exciting activities as incentives. (see HUMAN RESOURCES)