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Would you like to benefit from a grant to improve your building? Let us assist you without any obligation and find the solution you need.

What is the Buildings Evaluation Report?

The Building Evaluation Report is a document referring the general state of the property, at least in relation to condition, ensuring compliance with the current legislation on universal accessibility, and the degree of energy efficiency. The urban administration may require this document of property owners located in residential buildings with collective housing types, according to an established plan.

What does the Buildings Evaluation Report consist of?

The Buildings Evaluation Report identifies the property, stating the catastral reference and contains in detail:

  1. The assessment of the condition of the building.
  2. Assessment of the basic conditions of “Universal accessibility and non-discrimination against people with disabilities for access to and use of the building”, according to current legislation, establishing whether or not the building is likely to make reasonable adjustments to meet them.
  3. The Energy Performance Certification of the building, with its content and under the current corresponding regulations.

What is the difference between the Technical Building Inspection and the Buildings Evaluation Report?

The IEE (Buildings Evaluation Report) will be mandatory for residential buildings with collective housing type.

In principle the difference of SIT (Technical Building Inspection) while each municipality regulates its scope, covers buildings with all uses: residential, townhouses, office buildings, shopping centers etc…

Law 8/2013 establishes the obligation to perform a Building Evaluation Report (IEE), which complements the Technical Building Inspection (ITE), to owners of collective housing buildings older than 50 years up to a maximum of five years from the date on which they reach this age, as well as for owners of buildings who want to benefit from state aid in order to undertake conservation works, universal accessibility and energy efficiency.


Do you need a measurement or appraisal of your residence or plot? Let us assist you without any obligation and find the solution you need.

What is an Appraisal?

A real estate appraisal can be defined as a report or document to determine the value of the property on the market in relation to supply and demand at a given time.

And a Measurement?

A measurement comprises all the required tasks to determine analytically and graphically in horizontal projection, the surface occupied by land, plot or building, as well as the measurement of construction units of both building and development works needed to complete a construction project.

When is an appraisal of a property needed?

Nowadays, before buying or selling a property, requesting an appraisal to determine the value of the property or to determine a value in order to get a mortgage, is very common.

When applying for a mortgage you need to acquire a property appraisal for the bank to know the rate of funding to be granted depending on the value determined.

What criteria are generally taken into account when appraising a house?

Our professional technician supervises the location of the property, its orientation, built-up area, distribution, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, construction quality, visible facilities, public facilities or in some cases, negative factors such as environmental pollution, population and obvious environmental issues that may affect the value and other factors.


Would you like to create a home and start a construction project?

What do we understand by new construction?

For new construction of architecture we mean that you have to start from the beginning. From the needs, desires and dreams of the client we can develop a work according to the specifications of the client.

What documents must be requested at City Hall to make a new construction?

We will have to apply for a license for Major Construction at City Hall authorizing construction on the basis of a draft submitted by the owner and drafted by an architect or other qualified professional. This license is granted only by City Hall.

What is the First Occupation license?

The exclusive purpose of the First Occupation license is to:

  1. a) Check that the constructed building (or extension thereof) and urbanization are conducted simultaneously, where appropriate, and carried out within the technical project and dated planning permission granted.
  2. b) Ensure that the built unit meets the technical requirements of safety, health and public signage.
  3. c) Confirm that the building may be used for specific use.

What documentation must prove to the granting of the license of occupation?

Licensing of occupation requires the accreditation of the following requirements:

  1. Final certification of work
  2. Final Project works
  3. A copy of the notification of the licensing and modification if any
  4. Proof of having applied for the High Urban Real Estate tax
  5. Favorable reports or permits or concessions for responsibility for urban services, as applicable
  6. Any other documents that the City Hall requires (in all cases):

Have you purchased an older home and want to make a renovation?

What is a Renovation project?

The renovation project aims to meet the needs of the client renovating to the original state or modifying for particular requirements.

A renovation can be defined as a construction that, unlike the new construction does not lead to the construction of a new building, but on built units and possible demolition/restructuring.

What is the difference between full renovation and partial renovation?

An integral rehabilitation project is one that comprises works that give the building suitable structural and functional safety conditions, while partial rehabilitation involves only part of the built property.

Some renovation projects:

  • Deck rehabilitation
  • Facade Renovation
  • Structural reinforcement
  • Underpinning Foundations
  • Elevator installation
  • Energy renovation
  • Projects to improve accessibility

Are there public subsidies for the renovation of buildings?

The Ministry of Development is funding four aid programs for renovation under the State Plan 2013-2016:

  • Program for the promotion of building renovation
  • Program of promoting urban regeneration and renewal
  • Support Program for implementation of the Buildings Evaluation Report
  • Program for promoting competitive and sustainable cities

Want to open a store to start your business idea?

What is an opening permit and statement of responsibility?

At the time of setting up a commercial unit or shop, you must perform a series of steps to become a legal merchant. This will require display of City Hall’s License or an Opening Statement.

At Property Sales Tools we perform all the formalities for obtaining your license. We also advise you how to reduce costs when choosing a commercial unit or shop.

Types of activities

  • “Innocuous” Basic Commercial activities are those that do not result from damage or inconvenience, both for people and for passers-by. Its handling is simpler and is cheaper.
  • Qualified activities are those that are dangerous (related to explosives, fuels, radioactive materials…), harmful (those which cause damage to the environment) and unhealthy. Its handling is more complex and has a higher acquisition cost.

Place of processing

The opening permit is requested and performed in the planning department of the locality where the company is established.

Documents to deliver

The documentation that the applicant submits for an opening permit required depends on the type of business activity to be developed. In addition, it varies considerably from one municipality to another.

Processing time of an opening permit or declaration of responsibility

Opening permits require greater processing than the terms of the declaration of responsibility. In the case of the responsible statement, it is immediately granted from the moment that the documentation is presented to the City register.


Do you want to save on the electricity bill of your home or your company?

Why should we save energy?

We know that energy is a limited resource and its production pollutes the environment, thus producing negative effects and changes to our planet.

Reducing energy expenditure has many benefits, not only protecting the environment but also saving money.

What is an energy audit?

An energy audit is an inspection, study and analysis of energy flows in a building, process or system with the objective of understanding the energy consumption.

For instance, when analysing an occupied building; to reduce energy consumption while maintaining and improving efficiency of the hydrothermal comfort, health and safety.

Beyond simply identifying the sources of energy, an energy audit seeks to prioritize the energy uses according to the highest to lowest cost effective opportunities for energy savings.

What grants are available for energy rehabilitation?

To encourage and promote the implementation of reform measures that promote energy conservation, improving energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in existing buildings, through the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE),  a specific program of grants and funding has been launched worth 200 million euros.

The tasks should fit into one or more of the following types:

  • Improvement of energy efficiency of the “Thermal envelope”.
  • Improvement of the energy efficiency of heating and lighting.
  • Replacement of biomass energy in conventional thermal plants.
  • Replacement of Conventional geothermal energy in thermal plants.

Do you need a qualified preparation of a technical plan for self-protection?

What is a self-protection plan?

A self-protection system of actions and measures prevents and control risks to persons and property, to give adequate response to possible emergencies and ensure the integration of these activities with the public system of civil protection. These actions and measures to be taken by holders of activities, public or private, with means and resources within their purview.

What is an emergency plan?

Part of self-protection plan establishes basic criteria for staff performance, for a quick and orderly response, depending on the type of emergency.

The emergency response plan will answer the questions: What, When, How, and Where, and Who will coordinate. It must include actions or wording aimed at preventing potential emergency situations.

What centres should have this plan?

It applies to all activities covered by Annex I of the Basic Self-Protection, RD 393/2007, and applies in a supplementary manner in the case of activities with specific sectorial regulations referred to in paragraph 1 of this Annex.

However, the competent public authorities may require the development and implementation of protection plans to holders of activities not included in Annex I, when they present a particular risk or vulnerability.